Reasons Why Your TV Picture Is Breaking Up

It can be quite frustrating if you go to relax and watch your favourite TV show just to find there’s no signal. If you’ve put in a hard day’s work and you’re looking forward to relaxing and the TV helps you unwind, then you may not be able to start relaxing until you find out what the problem is. This means figuring out why your TV isn’t working as it should. Here we’ll take a look at some possible reasons that you can check before calling on a company to provide the service for you.

Is The Problem Due To No Signal?

If your TV is reading ‘no signal’, it may not directly be the problem. This is because the technology the TV is using can misdiagnose what’s happening and although it’s flashing a message that reads ‘no signal’, it could be something else. Just below we’re going to cover some of the issues that most commonly occur.

  • Did You Select The Right Source?

The remote control often has quite a few buttons and it’s pretty easy to accidentally hit the wrong one. If, as an example, you are to push the HDMI1 or the button for the auxiliary source when you don’t have those connected to any of the inputs then you’ll get the message that there’s no signal. What that actually means is that there’s no signal from those sources. If you suspect this is the problem then you can choose the AV or Input button where it indicates ‘TV’ and you should then be able to watch your favorite show.

  • Check Your Aerial To See If It’s Connected

It’s possible that the Ariel has fallen out. This can sometimes be caused by a pet or a child in the house who pulls it out by accident. Even when someone is cleaning they might pull it out and not even realize that they did so. If you check and find this is the problem then it’s simply a matter of plugging it back in and you’ll have the signal return.

  • Is The TV Properly Tuned?

People move their TVs and in the process, it gets out of tune or they change their residence and a similar occurrence happens. If you suspect that this is the problem then you’ll need to have the TV re-tuned. This is something that you can easily do yourself. This can happen because of the fact that different transmitters will use different frequencies and if the antenna you’re using is aligned with the wrong frequency then it simply won’t receive a signal.

It’s also possible that the channel itself has changed numbers or its own broadcasting frequency. You can retune the TV by using the menu settings and it will likely say ‘Tuning’. Once you find that selection then you’ll choose Auto-Tune that will allow the system to scan the different frequencies and it should choose the right one without you having to do anything.

  • Has The Antenna Gone Bad?

If you’ve checked all the other possibilities and they all check out, then you might consider whether or not the antenna has gone bad. If you check it and see any kind of damage then that is almost certainly the problem. In some situations, unfortunately, it may look fine but still not be receiving. This can be caused by damage from weather conditions and just by age and normal wear and tear. If there’s no other reason for the loss of the TV signal but the antenna is old, then you might consider changing it.

Call in the Technicians

Sometimes you do everything that you can and still, you can’t get a signal. When you find yourself in that type of situation then you may need to call a professional for some help. If you call us we can discuss the situation with you and arrange to see what the problem is.