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Can You Get Electric Shock From TV Aerial/ Sat Cable?

Are You Likely To Get Electric Shock From TV Antenna/ Sat Cable? Perhaps, you are seeking to splice the coax cable that feeds your satellite receiver or TV. But before you will do that you would love to know if you are at risk of an electric shock or if it’s even safe to do…

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What Is The Average Lifespan Of A TV Aerial?

If you wish to get a TV aerial installed or have recently installed one, you’d likely want to know how long it should last and what the average lifespan is. As with a lot of questions, there are many factors which influence the answer to these particular questions. Let’s find out just what these factors…

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How many TV’s can run off one Aerial?

There are plenty of reasons to have more than one TV point coming off an aerial, but how many can you actually get from only one? There are many properties around the UK that have multiple TV antennas on them. These will be a mixture of both old and new feeding one or more rooms…

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