Top 5 Common Issues That Can Lead To Poor Signal Reception In Digital Televisions

One of the most frustrating things that can happen today is to have our most reliable and most used gadgets and devices fail. A good example is malfunctioning heating packs meaning that you can only take a cold shower, a smartphone can lose its signal or the television pictures can freeze just when you are in the middle of an engaging favourite show. Here at TV Aerials Warrington, the best we can do is to help you avoid getting freezing television pictures. It is confounding how little attention people pay to their aerial systems and the high lack of proper maintenance for these systems.

As an experienced engineer who has visited many residences to correct aerial faults, I have come across some very common issues that can lead to problems with your television. This post will detail five of the most common problems which you can even resolve yourself without having to call a professional.

  1. The Problem of Water Ingress

Water ingress describes a situation where moisture or water penetrates the antenna, cable or any other component of the aerial system such as the splitter device. This usually mostly occurs when your antenna is installed externally. It can become a recurring problem if the installed system is exposed to the climatic conditions in Britain for a few years.

  1. The Presence of a Broken or Split Coax Cable

This can happen due to exposure to harsh climatic conditions. It can also occur if there is renovation or construction work being done in a residence.

  1. A Faulty Amplifier

You should keep in mind that though the LED light may be present on an amplifier, it can still be damaged.

  1. Damage by a Storm

If there is a strong storm, an aerial system that has been mounted on the exterior of a house can be damaged or brought down by the strong winds that accompany a storm.

  1. Interference by WI-FI or 4G Networks

If a WI-FI router is placed in close proximity to the television, it can cause interference and hence lead to distorted or poor images.

This list does not comprehensively cover the issues that can cause poor television reception. However, it covers the most common issues. Some of the problems highlighted above can easily be fixed by a property owner without having to rely on the expertise of a trained technician. For instance you may be receiving a strong signal, but the quality is poor.

For example, to fix the problem with a faulty amplifier, all one needs is to redirect the aerial system cable with a barrel join of 50p. The cable should then be made to bypass the amplifier by connecting it with one of the cables that is running from the amp. If this fix provides a solution to the problem, you should know that the issue may be a faulty amplifier. If the issue is not fixed by carrying out the solution described above, it shows that it is the antenna that may be faulty. Swapping a faulty amplifier is an easy process. A new amplifier can be purchased from online platforms such as Amazon.

If there is a problem with WI-FI interference from devices such as Firesticks and Roku which are usually plugged into the back of a television, you can try switching off the power to these devices. Switching the power off usually means that there is no signal disruption and it can translate to better reception.

The two solutions described above are fairly simple and they can be done by an untrained professional. However, other issues can require the expertise of a trained professional to help get your television function properly.